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 Concierge-style planning services for your important projects


Hi, I'm Casie-lea!

I'm the Founder and CEO of  CLC Group, a project concierge and  event planning company. I started CLC Group to address a gap in the market that was a need for an authentic,  client care focused, design and planning service.  Our approach is based on logistics and planning with a common thread of exceptional care, style and attention to detail. We are your one point of contact for all your planning needs

My event planning background has allowed me to  create beautiful and impactful events AND offer  curated, customized and memorable experiences to clients doing home projects or relocations.


Whether you're getting your home ready for sale, relocating or planning a celebration, CLC Group is your one stop for planning. 


I promise you'll love working with us!

Casie-lea  - Desired

Meet Ana Monnard, our Project Manager.

Ana comes from the world of hospitality, having worked in luxury hotels for over 15 years in London, England; Gold Coast, Australia and most recently in Toronto, Canada.

These experiences have given her a very strong sales & events foundation upon which she continues to build with each new client partnership.


Ana has helped to stage both corporate and social functions of all sizes and gets energy from seeing what can be done with hard-work, creativity and a great team. With a flare for interior design, Ana pulls inspiration from her travels and has a keen eye for eco-friendly products. 


Ana genuinely enjoys working with people and helping bring their vision to life, but most importantly, she loves torturing her boss, Casie-Lea with bananas. She strongly opposes the newly implemented office rule of no bananas.

Ana M- professional photo- colour.jpg

Meet Amber Codling, our Design Manager.

Amber brings an immense passion for residential design and colour theory. She has worked on many projects including five century home restoration projects of her own, and has been published on several platforms, both in print and online. Amber considers herself a forever-student of design, always studying the field and expanding her knowledge and creativity. She is a believer in fluid and traditional design that moves and functions with our ever-changing lives. A keen eye for balance and symmetry and a passion for simple elegance, she is always striving to create calm and inspired spaces filled with texture and layers, flow and harmony and a strong influence from nature.

Amber lives in a Victorian farmhouse with her husband and children where she enjoys nurturing her love of botany in her gardens and designing, styling and photographing her journey.

Meet Genevieve Dubé, our Social Media and Communications Manager.

Genevieve ‘Vevi’ brings a passion and enthusiasm  for social media and communications to everything she does. She has worked on many campaigns and projects in various industries including health and fitness, fashion and advertising. Vevi has built a social media presence and massive following for her clients partnered with an ability to adapt a voice that is suitable for the specific client or project. A keen eye for trends, Vevi always employs the latest technology to share messages and support brands. 

Genevieve enjoys spending time with her dog Lilah in her free time as well as traveling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Vevi Headshot.jpeg

Meet Steve, our Chief Puppy Officer (CPO).

Steve brings a love and passion for treats, walks and long naps in the office.  A regular on zoom calls, Steve takes pride in his work of keeping the team in high spirits and gently reminding them to stop and look out the window on occasion. 

In his free time, Steve enjoys barking at squirrels, going for car rides and eating treats. 

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