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Home Projects

From a design project to renovations to preparing a property for sale our team has you covered. 


What is a planning concierge?

So what is a planning concierge anyways? Our team approaches your home projects with the attention to detail of a manager and the service level of a concierge.


We source and manage all of the vendors needed for the project and become your one point of contact. How awesome is that? Our list of preferred suppliers are the best in their field and offer our clients preferred pricing.

CLC Group works with realtors, brokers and clients directly to prepare their property for sale, renovation and relocation.  Services include interior design, staging, moving logistics and managing renovations. 

Why hire a planning concierge?

Are you planning a move, renovation or other project? With any home project there are a lot of details to consider and adding those on top of your already busy life might seem overwhelming. You may not be sure what vendors and suppliers to hire and be asking yourself where to start. 


Our team takes care of all of the details and list of to do’s for your project from hiring the right suppliers, overseeing renovations, preparing your home for sale and even overseeing and managing a move.

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