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Wedding Planning

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Full Wedding Planning

We know there’s a lot to think about when planning your perfect wedding day, and we’re here to help! Allow our team to plan, book and finalize all the details of your wedding from finding the perfect venue to managing all the vendors. Small intimate gatherings to large events and everything in between, our team has everything covered so you can truly enjoy your day. without worrying about all the details. 


  • Onsite, day-of planning

  • Coordination and consultation hours

  • Decor/theme planning and creation

  • Vendor sourcing

  • Budget Management

  • Schedule of events

  • Ceremony management

  • Coordination of wedding rehearsal

  • Supplier  organization, planning and briefing

  • Onsite contact for all vendors for set up/tear down

  • Venue set up

Final Countdown

You’re almost there! This service is available seven weeks out from your wedding day. Our team will work with you to gather all the information and details of your wedding and make sure everything runs perfectly on the day. We will handle all the final steps for you,  manage your vendors up to and on your wedding day and ensure your big day runs exactly how you envisioned it would. Our stress-free planning services means that you can enjoy the final countdown to your wedding knowing that we’ve got it all covered for you! 


  • Onsite, day-of planning

  • Schedule of events management

  • Supplier organization, planning and briefing

  • Onsite contact for all vendors for set up/tear down

  • Ceremony management

  • Venue set up

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Mini Planning Session

You got this…for the most part but wonder where to start? Or what you’re missing? Book a two hour session with our team to help answer any questions you have about where to start, guidance on what to do or to cover any concerns you may have. Our team can help point you in the right direction and send you on your way.

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